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Home Directional Control Valves Z50 Hydraulic Direct Solenoid Control Valve

Z50 Hydraulic Direct Solenoid Control Valve

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The monoblock directional control valves-solenoid operated, offer perfect choice whether you are designing a new system or just simply trying to get more out of your current system. With two special spools and 7 different monoblock housings these valves can meet the specific needs of your application and hydraulic schemes by their double acting in 3 positions A and D spools.


Precise bore honing and spool grinding results in less cross-port leakage and less wasted energy. These precise valves also allow for interchargable spools for easy on place maintenance.


The mounting is the same as standart monoblock valves using bolts M8 or complete line of stud kits.


Technical information

Modification / Spools From 1 to 7
Nominal flow 50 l/min
Leakage (A,B-T,P) 18 cm3/min at 100 bar
Spools Spool A, D
Spool stroke 3.2 mm
Coils, connector ISO 440 12, 24 V DC
Threads, G P, T G 1/2 - A,B G 3/ı8


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